Adams, Kay - Advertising, Contract And Sub Contract Management, Civil Engineering, Non Profits, Marketing, Public Relations

Agnew, Lynne - Technology and IT Services

Agnew, Ray - Banking, Financial, Real Estate, Insurance, Home Ownership, Car Repair

Ali, Farhan -  Technology and Web-Based Services

Annunziata, Richard - Experience as banker and private business owner

Burch, Dave - Program Management, Process Management, Systems Engineering, Technology and IT Services, Group Facilitator 

Burger, Robert - Public Administration, Manufacturing, Contract Management, Real Estate, Engineering, Financial Analysis

Burke, Ed - Business and Legal Compliance, Environment Services, Govt Contracting, Marketing, Technology IT, Real Estate

Bush, Kim - Graphics Designer, Small Business Owner, Print Media Broker

Feldman, Ellen - Business, Strategy Development, Business Development, Optimization of Processes & Approaches to Operations, Mentor for Not For Profits

Fitzgerald, John - Contract Management, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Quality Control, Real Estate

Gilinsky, Charles - Non-profits and formation of 501(c)3

Hannis Richard - Fund Raising, Legislative Contacts, Agriculture, Non Profits, Public Relations, Sales

Hayes, Dan - Not for profits, Arts & Entertainment

Hejka, Diisa -  Social media, customer service, marketing, grant writing and digital marketing

Howard, Karen - Financial Analysis, Marketing, Advertising, Office Management, Credit And Collections

Howard, Leslie -  Business Finance & Accounting, Business Strategy & Planning, Manufacturing & Product Development, Sales, Marketing & Public Relations


Jacobs, Jeffrey - Legal (practicing Attorney)

Julian, James - Banking, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Mergers And Acquisitions, Credit And Collections, Leasing

Kachmarik, Claudia - Hospitality, Accounting, Marketing, and Customer Service. 

Kent, Lynn -  Marketing, Advertising and Creative Services

Kirby, Lee - Retail Trade, Sales

Loup, Tony - Financial Analysis, Venture Capital, Franchising, Public Administration, Exporting, International Trade, Retail Trade, Mail Order

MacDonald, Darren - 

Morelli, Pete - Business Ops, Manufacturing Development, Technology & IT Services

Pacilio, Frances C. - Real Estate, Marketing, Media and Communications, Sales Management, Non Profits

Paul, Richard - Expertise in organic/inorganic growth initiatives, strategic planning, business planning, product innovation, business development, customer intimacy, operations, and M&A pipelines.

Price, Clarence - All issues on small business operation and the challenges government and banking. Business Operations, Human Resources & Internal Communications, Homeowner Services/Home Improvement, Marketing, Advertising and Creative Services, Waste Management

Rafferty, Faye - International Trade, Imports / Exports, Business Operations, Business Strategy & Planning, Government & Regulations

Ramaiah, Uma - Restaurant industry, writing business plans, creating cash flow statements, budgeting and marketing.

Reynolds, Bryce - Financial Planning, Business Strategy And Planning, Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Real Estate

Rheinheimer, Jo Ann - Banking

Ritter, William - Administration, Advertising, Agriculture, Contract Management, Franchising, Human Resources, Insurance, Manufacturing, Non Profits, Technology and IT Services

Rozen, Wayne - Sales development, distribution, strategic thinking, and family business. Using my extensive experience in this areas, I can assist new and established business persons in finding the path to realizing their goals.

Russ, Ron - International, Wholesale, Transportation & Warehousing

Sniezek, Daniel - Manufacturing, Engineering, Quality Controls

Stark, Terry - Government Contracting, Workforce and Economic Development, Non Profits

Strube, Richard - Engineering Management, Manufacturing, Business Startups, Small Business Owner

Vail, Jack - Accounting, Administration, Mechancial Engineering, Franchising, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Retail Trade

Vitti, Robert -  Construction, Industrials and Utilities, Government Contracting, Manufacturing & Mining, Real Estate, Rental Services and Leasing, Restaurants and Hospitality, Retail and Wholesale Trade                


Ward, Jon - Educational Consultant, Marketing, Non Profits